Shelf Corporations understands and caters to the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs. We realize that you may need to have a corporation that has been in existence for a period of time. forms Canadian corporations just for this reason.

What is a Shelf Company?

Shelf corporations are simply corporations that have been incorporated, but have never been used. They got their name from being “on the shelf” waiting to be used.

Each shelf corporation was filed by for the specific purpose of being a shelf corporation. Our shelf corporations come with a Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation, Revenue Canada Tax Business ID (BN Number), Corporate Minute Book, Corporate Organizational Minutes and Resolutions (corporation will be organized according to your wishes. You name first directors, officers and shareholders), By-laws and customized Stock Certificates. We can also change the shelf corporation’s name to suit your needs (waiving our fees and only charging the government fees).

Our shelf corporations are guaranteed to be clear of any debts or liabilities.

Why Purchase a Shelf Company?

  • In order to establish a history for your corporation.
  • Obtaining bank loans is often easier if you can show your company has a history.
  • Bidding on contracts may require your company to be a certain age.
  • Obtaining corporate credit cards and leases often eases with age.
  • Corporate image improves with age.