Logo Design Process

Our design process is quite simple, following a four step pattern to a successful logo design:

Step 1: Logo Creation

After receiving your order, we begin our brainstorming session and develop several prospective logo designs. These initial logo designs will be available on your private viewing page within 4 business days.

Step 2: Logo Design Review

You have a chance to review our creations and give feedback about what you like and do not like. Our feedback forms on the page offer you a chance to respond in detail about any given design directly to our design team.

Step 3: Logo Design Revision

Taking your feedback into account, our design team goes back to work and continues developing your custom logo. Steps 2 and 3 continue until you are completely satisfied with your logo design.

Step 4: Finalize and Deliver

Once you are 100% satisfied with your final logo design, we upload your files so that you can begin using it to build your business identity and stand out among your competitors. We supply you with multiple logo design file formats for any type of use.

Depending on the logo design package you have ordered will determine if your project continues to our stationery department where we will develop your letterhead, business card, and envelope designs. This process is very similar to our logo design process.

Commitment Throughout the Process

Our logo design creation process is dialogue-based. From the time of your order, we are committed to understanding and integrating your input to design the very best logo for your business. Whether you're looking to refresh an older logo design or start fresh with a brand new design, we are standing by to serve you. Our goal is a unique, custom logo design that supports and extends your business identity.