Articles of Amendment

Articles of Amendment $149  

Extra-Provincial government fee  

Articles of Amendment are used to make important changes to a corporation by amending its Articles of Incorporation. These changes include:

  1. changing the Legal Name of the corporation;
  2. changing the number of directors required by the corporation;
  3. changing the share capital of the corporation; and
  4. for a Federal corporation, changing the province of the registered office.

To effect this amendment to the Articles of incorporation, the proposed amendment must be authorized by a resolution adopted by the board of directors. The resolution must then be ratified by the shareholders present at a special general meeting, in such percentage as required by the applicable law, at which time the shareholders also authorize one director to sign the Articles of Amendment. Typically, an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation must be confirmed by a greater majority (2/3 or 3/4 depending on the jurisdiction) of the votes cast by the shareholders at a special general meeting.

Our fee to prepare Articles of Amendment is $149 plus taxes. This includes the completion of the government forms and provision of standard corporate resolutions. If you are changing the name of the corporation, a Name Search Report (including, for jurisdictions that accept it, NUANS reports less than 90 days old). If you have one, you can upload it with your order. If not, you can order one with your order.

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