Articles of Dissolution

Articles of Dissolution Fee $199
Jurisdiction: Government Fee

Articles of Dissolution

If your corporation is ceasing operations, is already is no longer in business, or was never actively used, it must submit a filing called "articles of dissolution" with the government in which your corporation was formed in order to formally dissolve your corporation or non-profit corporation.

Articles of dissolution are the mechanism which the corporation files with the relevant corporation when it wishes to terminate its existence.

There are a number of steps involved in dissolving a business. can directly assist with the dissolution filing with the jurisdiction of incorporation. Click here to find out information on dissolving your corporation and the delays involved.’ service includes the completion of the government forms and filing of the Articles of Dissolution with the relevant government department; and the provision of standard corporate resolutions approving the Articles of Dissolution for the corporation.

If you have a Federal corporation registered in a province, additional filings may be required with your provincial government.

Please note that it is your responsibility to contact all relevant tax government departments (Federal, provincial and municipal) to close accounts and pay fees.

NOTE: Ontario corporations require tax clearance for the corporation before the certificate of dissolution can be filed. If this has note been done we cannot process your order.

Also, please note that only corporations that are up to date with their corporate filings will be allowed to file Articles of Dissolution. If your corporation is not up to date, your Articles of Dissolution will be rejected. No refund on our fees will be issued. If you would like to to update your corporation, we can do so at the same time.