Prepare Annual Returns helps federal and provincial corporations prepare their annual corporate returns online. It's fast, easy to do and affordable.

All corporations must file an annual return with the appropriate government department or agency to update their corporate information. Depending on the jurisdiction, the annual return updates changes to any number of the following items: name of corporation; registered office address; correspondence address; corporate directors and officers; fiscal year-end; use of new trade names; and principal shareholder status.

The annual return must be filed within the prescribed dates and must be accompanied by the government filing fee. The dates and fees vary depending on the jurisdiction.

The completed annual return will be mailed to you for signing and issuance to the appropriate government department or agency. Alternatively, may forward the annual return directly to the government department or agency on your behalf.

If a corporation fails to file an annual return within the prescribed delay, a penalty fee may be imposed. If a corporation repeatedly fails to file its annual returns (typically for 2 consecutive years), the government department or agency may remove the corporation from the government records. If a corporation has been struck from government records, the corporation may be affected in a variety of ways. To re-register the corporation must typically bring its annual filings up to date and pay a penalty fee.

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