Appointment, Removal or Resignation of Officers helps federal and provincial corporations prepare the corporate documentation for officers to be appointed or removed, or in case they resign. It's fast, easy to do and affordable.


The directors of a corporation are responsible for appointing its officers. They usually do so during a meeting of the board of directors which immediately follows the annual shareholders' meeting. However, if a person is named to a new position or if a new individual becomes an officer at some other time during the year, directors are typically required to reflect this change at that time.

Removal or Resignation

Directors have the power to remove officers as long as they are empowered to appoint them, and are not required to provide a reason for the removal.

An officer may also resign from his office at any time. This resignation may occur for a variety of reasons, including: the officer's decision to accept employment with another corporation or business; the officer's decision to retire; or if the officer, who is also a shareholder, sells his shares to another person. will assist in your preparation of the corporate documentation for any appointment, removal or resignation of an officer. This may include:

  • Directors Resolution. An officer's appointment, removal or resignation is usually confirmed in a resolution of the board of directors, voted upon by the directors. This resolution is entered in the corporation's minute book and signed by the directors of the corporation.
  • Government Filing. Following an appointment, removal or resignation of an officer, the corporation may be required to notify the government department or authority of such change by filing the applicable government form together with the prescribed government fee. will mail to you the corporate resolutions and government forms for you to sign. The corporate resolutions should then be inserted in the corporation's minute book. The completed government forms should be forwarded to the government department or agency. Alternatively, may forward the government forms directly to the appropriate government department or agency on your behalf.

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