September 1, 2003 - CorporationCentre.com Inc, the Canadian Internet leader in providing incorporation and other corporate services, today re-launched its corporate web site, located at www.corporationcentre.ca, providing additional information on business formation and an even easier-to-navigate layout.
The redesigned web site provides the information necessary for small business owners to make informed decisions on what's best for their businesses. The site includes further enhanced information on the different types of business entities and how they compare to each other and frequently asked questions on incorporation. The site also outlines CorporationCentre.ca's product and service offerings and the Company's pricing.
"As a small business, we understand that small business owners want to learn about incorporation, corporate filings, trademark filings and contracts - why it's important, how to do it and how much it will cost - as easily and in as little time as possible. Our web site helps them accomplish this," stated Lionel J. Perez, Vice-President of CorporationCentre.ca. "The CorporationCentre.ca web site has always contained rich content, but the technology elements contained in our new site further propel CorporationCentre.ca?s leadership role in the online incorporation and corporate services industry. We will also now offer live chat customer service support by our corporation specialists."
The new site also marks the launch of the only automated NUANS Report submission and delivery software system, proprietary to CorporationCentre.ca. NUANS Reports are required for corporate name reservations across Canada. CorporationCentre.ca is the only site to offer our new automated software of NUANS reports enabling us to further offer our customers an efficient and cost sensitive tool. We previously offered and will continue to offer NUANS reports at the most competitive of prices on the Canadian marketplace."
The new site also includes a Business Resources area highlighting companies who provide valuable products, services and web sites for today's small business owners. The Business Resources area currently highlights areas such as logo design services, web hosting and financial services.
About CorporationCentre.ca
CorporationCentre.ca, founded in 2000, is the Canadian Internet leader in providing incorporation and other corporate services to small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals. CorporationCentre.ca incorporates businesses in all Canadian provinces and Federal corporations. The company also helps business owners with corporate maintenance filings, trademark applications and domain registration services. CorporationCentre.ca is headquartered in Montreal, Qc, Canada and its web site address is http://www.corporationcentre.ca.