EasyContracts® Document Builder Software System
Last Will and Testament $59  
Employment Agreement $29  
Shareholders Agreement (see checklist) $99  
Durable Power of Attorney (Living Will) Free  

*traduction*EasyContracts® Document Builder Software System
Perfectly legal contracts, without lawyersTM

Create your own shareholder agreement in minutes with the EasyContracts® Document Builder Software System!

The EasyContracts® system allows you to create your own lawyer quality customized contracts and documents online ... without the delay and expense of a lawyer.

A technological quantum leap over “template” or “fill in the blanks” model contracts available in book stores and online, the EasyContracts® system employs its proprietary artificially intelligent software to custom build your agreements to suit your specific circumstances. The legal knowledge and expertise are built into the EasyContracts® system removing the guesswork of “fill in the blanks” contracts.

EasyContracts® puts you in control of the process. Your responses to the EasyContracts® interview engages the EasyContracts® system to insert the appropriate information and clauses into your documents in a quality-controlled online environment.

How does it work?

After you login, you simply select the document you want. Currently, the shareholder agreement is offered. Other documents will be available soon.

A step-by-step EasyContracts® interview guides you through the drafting process. Your responses to the issue specific questions help you customize your document to your specific requirements. As you answer each question, the appropriate language is entered into your document. Clear and simple language explains the relevant clauses.

During the process, you may go back to change your responses and information. However, please note that you cannot “save” your session. The document is only created at the end of the EasyContracts® interview, so only begin when you have all the information you need.

The average time needed for the EasyContracts® shareholder agreement interview is about twenty to thirty minutes.

Once you have completed the process and paid online, EasyContracts® will send you an electronic copy of your agreement in RTF (Rich Text Format) by email in minutes. Your document will be able to be opened by any standard word processing programs (including Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect) so you may make any changes you need at any time.

And don’t forget!

EasyContracts® will soon be adding more documents, such as personalized wills, employment agreements, loan documents, and many more. Avoid the wait and cost of a lawyer’s drafting by checking out EasyContracts® first!